My name is Leah Petersen and I am a female sportbike freestyle rider. Sportbike freestyle is a new extreme sport, very similar to skateboarding in the 1970's and 80's. If you have never see the sport, you could think of it as flatland BMX on race-style sportbikes. I do wheelies, endos on the front wheel, burnouts, drifts and various acrobatics on my Kawasaki ZX6r Ninja motorcycle.

My story started on a farm in Eastern Washington, after high school I moved to New York City and got my first motorcycle, a 1999 GSX-R. After a few years of street riding I got into stunt riding for the same reason most people do - I thought wheelies were pretty cool! I never imagined stunt riding would take me around the world and one day turn into my career.

Since I started to ride fulltime in 2009 I have competed across America and Europe. I have performed shows in thirteen countries and appeared in several international commercials and TV shows (I am SAG eligible). I am available for shows, photoshoots, video work and other motorcycle related projects.

I own and run a website,, which is dedicated to promoting motorcycle stunt riding in a positive light and helping new riders learn safely. I am also committed to encouraging women and girls enjoy motorsports in whatever capacity they desire!

Thanks for stopping by my site, please feel free to send me a message through my contact page.