Staggered wheelies provided a good foundation to try foot in seat. Initially I was thrown off by the weight distribution and balance point change, but with time and practice I had foot in seat on lock.

The main hurdles were 1) initial fear to clutch it up as your body seems further forward 2) applying enough weight in your left foot to not veer right and 3) bringing the bike back further behind balance point and adjusting your height more with your body and less with your throttle.

Most importantly I learned tuck and roll dismount. Since your weight is further forward, if you’re choppy on the brake you run a higher risk of mousetrapping: chopping on the brake too hard only to bring it down and fly over the handle bars. After smacking my head once I learned to tuck and roll; a skill that’s come in handy from time to time.
Foot in seat were a fun transition from Staggered because I am learning how to control my bike less with my arms and throttle and more with my brake and weight.

Next step: No throttle hand.

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