My family is not one for rituals, but we do have one fun Christmas tradition that seems to have stuck throughout the years. That is making a huge batch of Christmas cookies and getting together to decorate them. Since I no longer live near tons of relatives the number of decorators has decreased and with it the number of cookies, which is fine with me since I have to make them all now. The recipe is a big bother, but worth it when you bite into a freshly frosted tender and delectable Christmas morsel.

The cookies are an overnight, roll-out, sour cream recipe; which means lots of time, flour, dirty dishes and messes. My first batch I tried last weekend was a huge failure. The dough was way too soft and I ended up with Christmas lumps too horrid to frost, or even look I ate them with my eyes closed because truth be told they were still pretty tasty.

This batch was a bit more successful. Anthony frosted his first cookies and learned it's quite an art! Venus had a piece of her cookie, which was in the shape of a dog bone, but she didn't get any frosting.

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