Today we had our first snow and it was Anthony's first snow EVER. We had been in and out of it all day, enjoying brunch at our favorite morning restaurant, EGG and then running errands. As evening fell we got the brainy idea to go shoot at Rockefeller Center, noble no doubt, but we didn't know what we were in for.

We have been meaning to get rain covers for our cameras, but as of yet we have not. So we fashioned plastic bags over the lens and camera body to create a awkward baggy camera cover. The second we stepped out into the mild blizzard we could not fight the sinking sensation that we might just be ruining our prized possessions for a few photos of some tree millions of people take photos of. We snapped our way to the subway and decided to turn back. It was too wet to be risking the lives of our cameras. We decided to pick up camera covers in the morning. While I was exiting the subway I slipped and fell in such a way that I saved that the expense of my body. Too bad they don't make anything to prevent that from happening.

I snuck in a few more shots on the way home since I simply could not resist all the interesting views of our formerly familiar neighborhood that was now covered in a tantalizing winter blanket.

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