Today we set off to see the Tenement Museum in the lower east side. We arrived around 2pm and couldn't get tickets for a tour any earlier then 5pm. So we headed up to the West Village for a little American style lunch. Peanut Butter & Co. is a favorite of Anthony as it was his first dinner in NYC by himself when he came for his interview last winter. Anthony and I split the Elvis (sans bacon!) and I had a Purple Cow float.

After lunch Anthony's parents wanted to do some shopping and since I was quickly freezing solid in the Manhattan winter wind, Ant and I headed indoors for a spot of tea. We went to the Tea Spot on MacDougal and 3rd and I have to say the atmosphere and pleasantly aromatic tea overshadowed the not-so-pleasant woman who served us. I had Turkish Apple which tasted like a dream, I look forward to returning to this place with a nice book.

Finally it was time for our tour. We headed down to the lower east side and joined up with a jolly Kiwi who was our animated and articulate tour guide. The tour takes you through the history of the lower east side, which played a starring role in housing law and labor laws. The museum recounts, visually, through restored units the stories of two families struggling on the lower east side at different times of economic crisis in NYC. While growing an attachment to the historical figures through the intricate stories and standing in the same space where these immigrants struggled; the guide illustrated with careful neutrality the mirage of issues surrounding immigration, policy, government and human rights. Overall the museum was right up my alley and I look to return for a few more of their tours.

After our tour we headed back to Williamsburg and ate dinner at Fornino, a excellent brick oven pizza establishment that is truly worthy of its own blog on another visit.

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