Today Mom and Dad decided to drive down from the mountains to visit us in Brooklyn. Since retreating to the mountains 2 years ago, they have not had cells phone which makes trips slightly difficult to time. I knew the general time they would be arriving, but telepathically rounded the corned in my hood right as they were pulling into a parking spot.

The brought their cat Richard, so Venus showed off her house and city lifestyle to him. He curiously sniffed every inch of the apartment (granted there aren't too many inches) throughout his stay. I made a quinoa cranberry winter side and salmon patties -with Mom-made tartar sauce. Then after a brisk walk in the winter sunshine I made a pecan-apple crisp and homemade vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately the long winding road up to my parents house doesn't permit these visits as often as one would like, it's always good when we do get to see each other.

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