Useful fact: you can’t unload your elephants in Manhattan. So, when the circus comes to town every spring they unload the elephants in Queens and march them through the midtown tunnel and all the way down 34th Street to Madison Square Garden. The March starts at 12am and the entourage got to where we were standing in Herald Square around 2am (it’s possible they were behind schedule due to the storm).

Anthony and I showed up on 34th Street around 11:45pm in the pouring rain, bundled up with our cameras securely weather proofed. We were practically alone in the dark square until around 12am when people started filtering in and lining the barricades that had been set up. We chatted with our fellow elephant watchers, everyone bonding over the fact that we were partaking in a quasi-crazy, rainy, late-night pachyderm adventure.

But when the elephants showed up on the horizon it was all worth it as people screamed and cheered, waiting for the procession to pass, then racing down the sidewalk to watch them pass again. After the event we were exhausted, soaking and totally stoked we witnessed the elephant march in the pouring rain.

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