I'm sure you've noticed the huge design shift here at Clanofants.com, so let me explain. This summer Anthony and I are embarking on a "Stunt Bum" adventure. We are leaving NYC for a few months to focus on riding, writing and developing projects that have been brewing for months. Clanofants.com will still be my personal outlet, but I will be focusing more on riding, although undoubtedly I will squeeze an omelet or two in. Clanofants.com will begin forwarding to Leahstunts.com soon.

A leap of faith is what this summer will be and even if nothing comes of it, at least we can say we gave it a shot. In the worlds of my ol' buddy Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "What is not started today is never finished tomorrow." It's now or never, I'm officially becoming a stunt bum, I WILL wheelie for food and I actually have no idea who Johann is, but it's a logical observation.

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