Last summer I came in contact with an organization that actually helped me source some of the riders for the Harley-Davidson street team. Powerlily is a network of female powersports professionals organized by Jessica, a rider from California. In her words, “Powerlily includes women of diverse backgrounds and experience from every level in the industry. We are business owners, executives, administrative assistants, marketing professionals, racers, editors, freelancers, artists and entrepreneurs. We've communicated about job openings, charity events, new business ventures, freelance work, product development - anything that helps members find employment or support each other's endeavors.”

When I put out a call for “Strong, capable and beautiful female riders” most organizations and individuals scoffed at it and stated those riders didn’t exist. Jessica put out the word to her network, which resulted in several applicants that fit the bill. I found a team of female riders who handled a fleet of brand new heavy-weight motorcycles with ease for 10 days in Sturgis; thanks to people like Jessica who know that there are plenty of capable lady riders out there. Community is a powerful network that gives people confidence and hope. When we can’t physically be together, like female riders who are sporadically littered across the word, organizations like Powerlily are crucial to give us the strength and hope to pursue our dreams, no matter how shadowed they are by a male-dominated industry.

The Powerlily website recently launched while previously Jessica relied on an email list to unite her network of ladies. She has plans to expand the site into a dynamic and fully interactive platform to allow ladies, businesses and organizations to find each other with ease.

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