What a crazy two weeks! Here is the run down: one week before X-Games we lost our “Mega” spot to permanent, 24-7 tenants. Freaking out about my practice schedule, we loaded up the StuntBums van with two street bikes, one 50, Tone the 'Natch and everything we may need for a cross country trip and two weeks on the road stunting.

We headed out to Las Vegas to ride with Nick Apex and focus on preparing for the event. We stayed on the strip and funnily enough a girlfriend from highschool was also in Vegas, so I got to catch up with an old friend. Despite the +105 degree desert weather we got it in everyday. I am finding as I get into the event side of stunting that there is always something to do with the bikes. First I blew my fork seals, then I crashed and busted my fender, then my clutch cable frayed, the list goes on and on.

The week was amazing (although sweltering) it’s always inspirational to ride with Nick as he is one of the sport’s best. I always learn a lot about riding, practice and the game in general. After a week of practice, we loaded up yet again and blasted through the desert to the breezy coast. Staying in West Hollywood is a blissful change from the heat and now it’s on to the X-GAMES!!!

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