"The argument that girls need role models in the sport isn't merely a sentimental notion — research published in the journal Psychological Science shows that when girls aren't outnumbered, they play just as well as boys."

That showed up in an interesting NPR article I was reading over the weekend which got me thinking about something I think about a lot. There are a very small number of girls in the world who can stunt with any authority. While stunting takes a bit of courage, most tricks don't require the brute force of something like football.

So if psychical compatibilities isn't the whole story, what is? Undoubtedly this year more and more women have begun practice, could it be the visibility of women in events like the Sartso Women's Cup at XDL? Possible supplying these could-be lady stunters with the push to actually do it? I don't really know, but it's interesting to think about in terms of any minority and where society places them.

Read the original article and give it a ponder:

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