Last fall our friend from the Switch Riders told us about a legal spot they had in the works in Southern France. Now 6 months later, it’s our local spot. 

It’s an endearingly odd amphitheater nestled in the red hills just north of Marseille. With a view of the valley and the bay and complete isolation, the stadium is a stunter’s dream. The area is not too large, but great for show and competition practice and besides some red soil residue, the surface is great. We rode there for the first time last week, but got caught in an unfortunate downpour and spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning red mud off our bikes.

Today was sunny and pristine, with a cool sea breeze and no one to hassle us, it was the first perfect session of many to come at the Switch Stadium. 

Yaaaa, that is our "baller van!"

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