I always have big ideas.

Until recently my production and editing skills just could not keep up with my video ideas. For the first time with "Violet Stars and Happy Stunting" I feel like I really nailed the concept I had imagined.

I took serious time to plan out every second of my clip before trying to shoot the footage. I chose my song, listened to it for two weeks straight, started sketching out the scenes, did location scouting, shot photos, then footage, laid it all out then finally took two painless days to shoot the real footage.

Editing, color correction and after effects took me three days and now finally I can release my masterpiece to the world!!! For me, this video really captures the creative way stunting can transport you to another place. I hope my production level keeps growing, with my stunting level and I can keep creating wild stunt videos for you all!

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la txusta's picture la txusta

wapisimo el video buena musika

Magnus's picture Magnus

Great work with the vid! :)

ricetek's picture ricetek

Great work, the final result is awesome. Everything is perfectly sticked together. Post production is at very high level. For 2 days I've watched the video more than 50 times. The music, you and your stunting skills are so cool :) Keep the good work.

kate's picture kate

I love this video, you're amazing. I'm looking forward to the next, great job!

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