Spent the last two days shooting a frusterating video clip, so I took the camera out on my errands to reward myself with a mini photo safari. 

Shot this action shot of my little pooch sprinting in her snuggy.

And this panorama stitch from main street. 

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Jason's picture Jason

Love these photos!! Great captures and beautiful editing. Hope you are having a less frustrating time shooting your vid.

Leah Petersen's picture Leah Petersen

Thanks Jason!

Chris's picture Chris

How did you achieve the look in these images? I assume you post processed them? Did you use a filter? Great work. Inspiring.

Leah Petersen's picture Leah Petersen

My dogs pic is just a very narrow depth of field - the panorama has post-processing (shadow and color work).

Sachin's picture Sachin

the photography iz awesome n the doggie lookz sooooo cute......

Carly's picture Carly

That dog. She has no sympathy for us who cannot handle the cuteness.

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