Building a stunt bike is all about persistence and problem solving, because in reality a stuntbike is one big problem. Things are always easy when you have the right tool, well unfortunately there are no stunt-specific "tools" so we live with what we have. Normally that means we take a bit of streetbikes, a bit of MX bikes and a bit from the racing world to build a machine ready for the task.

This eclectic motorcycle shopping spree never comes easy or without headaches. Mistakes will be made, bolts stripped, aching backs and plenty of grunting and curse words will be spewed at your machine. We have built multiple stuntbikes over the years and while it does get easier, I still wouldn't classify it as an easy task.

First task is finding the base. There are two routes, one, find a beater (title-less, crashed, salvaged, etc.) and two find a stock machine and strip it down.  I like the latter because I like fresh starts and peace of mind my bike isn't on the brink of explosion. Unfortunately we were stuck bike shopping at the worst time of year: springtime in California in conjunction with tax return season.

Everyone wants bikes and the people selling them know that (and probably waited until now to sell for that exact reason). After a week of browsing insanely over-priced crapboxes we finally located a clean bike in Arizona and sprung.

Springing is key to building stuntbikes, you snooze you lose, seriously. If you see something you need you call that instant, make a deal and go retrieve it. This must be a 12-24 hour ordeal lest you chance the seller backing out, otherwise flaking, using the part for his coffee table or selling it to someone who got cash in his hand before you did.

So Arizona it was, the Grand Canyon State was programmed into the GPS and we were flying through the Mohave Desert in no time. We arrived, did the paper work, made the exchange and were back on the road in time to witness a magnificent sunset on the way home.

Not really orthodox, but a fine way for a StuntBum to pass a day.

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hey Leah, i am from india

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by!

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