At long last! She's so close to being done, I just had to do a photoshoot. 

With a bit of scouting and some stealthy stunting/photography work, Ant and I were able to steal these shots in downtown Los Angeles. 

The bike is a 2004 Kawasaki ZX6r (636) with a ICON Motosports Chrysalis-inspired wheelie machine. Thanks to Nice Cycle for the body work, Impaktech for the stunt armor, StunterX Stunt shop for the rearsets, handbrake setup and extra goodies. HT Moto seats, Vortex clipons, a Stealth Stay to keep my front end tight, HEL brakelines and an RSC clutch lever thanks to Stuntfarm

Full review and rundown of the parts coming soon, but for now, it's TIME TO RIDE!

Links to the high quality versions for desktop images:


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Eddiethai's picture Eddiethai

Nice! Good stunter you are.

@trix56ace's picture @trix56ace

clean all around

Mark !'s picture Mark !

Cool Ride !

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