If you stunt a 03-04 ZX6r and have started doing tank tricks before this mod, you may have noticed the mount which connects the tank to the subframe has become bent. When this mount gets bent, your tank will sit crooked on your frame, sometimes scraping the frame and giving your tank a really loose, uncomfortable feeling. Beyond just generally feeling like doodoo with enough stress, over time the mount can even crack or break on you.

To remedy this, you will need to bend the mount back into a straight position and pick up a little cutting board from any store. You will need the width of the board to be large enough to lie completely across the top of your subframe.

To do the mod, take off your seat and tank and cut (I used an angle grinder and a hacksaw) the board to sit flush on top of the subframe. Be sure the board overlaps the subframe completely for greater stability.  Now you need to cut a space for the fuel pump.

Once the board is cut, test it to make sure it fits correctly and the fuel pump isn’t hitting anything. Drill two holes in the back so you can zip-tie the board securely and drill a larger hole for the overflow tube.

Boom, put her back together and go enjoy your new, extremely solid tank.

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Sweet fix.

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