• Behind the Scenes LeahStunts Motul Asia Stunt Tour

    Leah Petersen travels to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam for the first ever Asia Stunt Tour with Motul!

  • Asia Tour

    Video from my Asia Stunt Tour with footage from Singapore, Malaysia MotoGP and Vietnam. 

  • Dollar Menu - "Bold Moves"

    Check my motorcycle stunt riding at the end of the McDonald's spicy chicken sandwich spot! Directed by Stephen Fuller, including motorcycle talent by female rider Leah Petersen and male riders Jason Britton and Tony Carbajal! 

  • StuntBums TV Episode 1: Rafal "Stunter13" Pasierbek, XDL Street Jam with Aaron Twite and Nick Apex

    StuntBums TV Episode 1: Rafal "Stunter13" Pasierbek, XDL Street Jam with Aaron Twite and Nick Apex hosted by Leah "LeahStunts" Petersen

    StuntBums TV brings you the latest news and events from the world of sportbike freestyle - also known as motorcycle stunting! 

    In this episode we chat with Rafal Stunter13 Pasierbek about how he first started stunting in Poland then worked his way up to one of the top riders in the world. We also check in at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Show where Aaron Twite and Nick Apex are stunting for the crowds, both entertaining and teaching them about our sport.

  • Leah Stunts GoPro Hero 3 Black

    I did some testing with the new GoPro Hero3 Black edition with Wide Open Camera from Hollywood, CA. Hope you enjoy it!

  • Leah Petersen's Motorcycle Stunt Reel 2012

    Edited a little stunt reel for my aspirations in Hollywood. Mostly old footage from the last two years, but hopefully this will give stunt coordinators an idea of what I can do on two wheels - and one! 

  • Calvin Harris Ft. Example - We'll Be Coming Back

    I got to ride a beautiful R1 for this video! Enjoy the riding footage from Malibu and downtown Los Angeles. 

  • LeahStunt's Review of ICON'S Women's Federal Motorcycle Jacket

    LeahStunt's Review of ICON'S Women's Federal Motorcycle Jacket. For more information on the jacket visit: ICON1000.com.

  • StuntBums How to Jump to Spreader Wheelie

    Anthony and I break down the basics of jumping to spreader.

  • StuntBums Stunt Bike Setup: Leah Petersen

    The details on my 2011 stuntbike! 

  • Leah Petersen's Circle Wheelie Stunt Diaries Part 1

    Documenting some progress on the circle practice.

  • How to do an Idle Wheelie on a Motorcycle

    My method to learning wheelies - take your time and do it safely!

  • Leah Learns Highchair

    How I started doing highchair wheelies.